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Why do we teach little girls practically from birth that their looks are important?  Why? Every time we see a pretty little girl, we say something like “Oh, look how cute she is!” “Look at that pretty face!” “Isn’t she adorable?”  “Aren’t you pretty?”

From the positive feelings they get, the tone is set for the rest of their lives. Their looks matter. Not only do they matter, but they get much more attention if they are pretty. I know we are a society that values appearance, but people look at little boys in a completely different way. “Oh, my, isn’t he a big boy?!” “Feel that grip he has.” “My, aren’t you strong?” Power. It is important…if you are male.

Recently, I was watching Toddlers and Tiaras. Oh, my, what are these mothers thinking? They are creating plastic monsters! Plastic looks…little girls covered in FAKE. Make-up, wigs, false eyelashes, “flippers” or false teeth, dresses that cost far more than the prizes could ever cover, adult dance moves and flirting, and these overworked, over-tired, over-pampered little girls have turned into bad-tempered, hateful little girls and it’s all the fault of mothers who cannot accept that they are aging and no longer (or never did) fit the beauty queen image.

Why aren’t little girls and women rewarded for being powerful or intelligent instead of beautiful?  Powerful women, women who rise in the corporate or political world, are considered battleaxes…or worse.  They have the nerve to speak their opinions, push for what they believe in.  Men who do this are assertive.  Women who do this are aggressive.  Okay, so they are referred to as that lovely word that begins with B…you know the one.  Rhymes with witch.  (I’m not really a goody-two-shoes, just don’t really think I want to get into cuss words in my blog.)

I keep thinking of those mothers and their little temper-tantrum-throwing tots.  Yikes!  And the girls who are so obsessed with appearance that they resort to anorexia, bulemia, crazy diets and outrageous forms of plastic surgery when they should be studying, working to be as successful as possible in school and working towards a college degree and a career.  And work with charities builds character, something far more important than looks.  Intelligence and consideration of others will be there for you far after your looks are fading.

“Outside show is a poor substitute for inner worth.” ~ Aesop


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Oh, boy.  I should know better by now.  I’m old enough.  Yesterday, I went to a make-up makeover, because it sounded fun, a little glamorous to have someone else do my make-up and also like I would be pampering myself.  Don’t get me wrong…I fully enjoyed it.  And then…this morning I woke up with puffy eyelids and my eyes feel dry and a little itchy.  But it’s mostly my eyelids.  And since I’ve been using the particular company’s eyeshadow for years with no difficulty and love their mascara (that’s another weird eye story), I don’t think it’s that.  HOWEVER, the lady did use some eyeshadow base and I think that’s the culprit.  I look like I have pinkish-red eyeshadow on and my eyelids are puffy, puffy, puffy…like I’ve been crying for days.  You know what I mean.  It’s when your eyelids look like they are starting to puff over your eyelashes to the point that there is a “seam” with stubby little hairs sticking out.  Yikes!!! 

Needless to say, this isn’t my first eyelid disaster when it comes to make-up.  I warned the lady that my eyelids are very, very sensitive and that I can’t use ANYTHING with a red or pink undertone.  But in looking later at the eyeshadow base, it was very faintly pink.  Hmmmmm! 

Anyway, now to explain my previous disasters that should have warned me not to try anything new, product-wise.  Years ago, when I first discovered my allergy to make-up, I was wearing a purplish color of eyeshadow (because I have green eyes and purples and blues make eyes look VERY green).  I know…they say that vanity is a flaw.  I guess it did me in.  I wore that purple eyeshadow all day.  And that night, I washed my face and went to bed.  But my eyelids were itching.  The next morning, they were really itching and were sore.  I looked in the mirror and to my horror, they were red and looked like they were breaking out in some kind of rash.  As the day wore on, my eyelids got worse and worse.  Eventually, I had red, cracked skin, oozing sores and…well, never mind.  It was just disgusting!  I am VERY allergic to red dye in make-up evidently.  It was at least a week before I had normal eyelids again.  I didn’t wear eyeshadow of any kind for a few years.  In those years, though, I continued to wear mascara.

Now, for my mascara story that I mentioned earlier.  Being someone who was always looking for a new item to try (do you see a pattern here?), I tried a new brand of mascara when I “got bored” with what I had been using.  BIG mistake!  My eyelashes looked great with this awesome mascara.  Unfortunately, they didn’t look great for long…on my eyelids.  They fell out!  Yes, suddenly I had bald eyelids.  Oh, boy…do eyelashes take a really long time to grow in!  It was so embarrassing to have bald eyelids, I felt like wearing sunglasses for months.  Okay, they weren’t completely bald…I had a few eyelashes left–very few.  And I took very good care of them!  I didn’t wear any mascara and I was careful not to rub my eyes for fear they would fall out, too.  When my eyelashes finally did grow in, I switched back to my tried and true mascara.  And there are only two brands I now use…ever! 

So, now I tell myself I’ve learned (again) a valuable lesson.  I will no longer experiment with new eye products.  (Until the next time.)  Sometimes, vanity just gets in the way of sensible behavior.  Now I have to wait for the puffies to go down and hope and pray that my eyelids don’t break out again in that crusty, crackly, oozy mess.  Keep good thoughts for me, will you? 

  “Our vanity is the constant enemy of our dignity.” ~ Anne Sophie Swetchine

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Beau’s 30-year high school reunion is fast coming up. I hate to admit how many years it is, since we dated in high school. However, I was 2 and he was 18 (just kidding). Okay, I was really a child prodigy and was only 10. Image So, I hope you’ve figured out that I was also in high school, but I didn’t graduate the same year. I’m only one year behind in school, but almost 2 years younger!! (I like to stress that last part.) Image

I just found out that my high school reunion is going to be next June. It’s hard to realize that it has really been almost 30 years since I graduated. Looking in the mirror, I can still see my old self (something to do, again, with those rose-colored glasses…or funhouse mirror glasses).

Speaking of glasses, this past weekend, I got a whole new look and a new outlook. I bought some new eyewear. I now have a pair of very trendy black and white frames with a little bling-bling (rhinestones on the stems). They are so cute and I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on them. It was fun wearing new glasses, because I’ve spent the last 15 years or more in gold wire-rim glasses. Very conservative and they’ve always had a tendency to fade into my face, so that they weren’t noticeable. Now my glasses are the opposite of that!

“I love my past, I love my present. I am not ashamed of what I have had, and I am not sad because I no longer have it.” ~ Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

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