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Double Dose!

Every time I hear “Double Dose”, I think of Little Fockers.  It makes me laugh out loud, every time I watch that movie and hear “Double Dose”.  Today gave me a different perspective of Double Dose.  Today, Monday, was such a miserable, dreary, thunderstorming day.  Flash floods, lights flickering, all on a Monday morning, heading back to work.  The weather and the day of the week had me singing, “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.”  So, this rainy day Monday was a double dose.  I was REALLY down.  Why do we, as humans, put so much negativity on Mondays?  I mean, I get that it’s the beginning of the work week (or school week), which means we are so far from the weekend, but do we really have to wait for the weekend to enjoy life?  Can’t we also enjoy the days of the week that don’t start with S?

I do like Mondays in some ways. Mondays are the beginning of a new opportunity to help the students at the university where I work.  Mondays bring me to one of my favorite television nights.  Mondays are another day closer to the next Friday evening…the beginning of that time when I can sleep in if I want, not get dressed if I don’t want, spend time in sloppy clothes if I want, time I can hit the road and drive to someplace new and exciting as long as it isn’t too far from home, so I can use the rest of my freedom to get back in time for, yes, you guessed it.  Monday.

This Monday the rain, the bad drive to work, the soaked hem of my pants and the head congestion from my allergies got to me.  Headache, sniffly nose, wet, tired from staying up too late Sunday night, not feeling fully prepared for the day, and a hectic, long work day just made this a Double Dose kind of Monday.  But I bet the week will get better! And after a hard rain, shouldn’t there be a rainbow?

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” ~ Dolly Parton


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